Saturday, 23 December 2006

Happy Holidays from Snowy Argentina!

Wishing all of you a fabulous fiesta with friends and family.

Much love from all of us at the Hillyard Home in Buenos Aires Argentina.


Vicky Saumell said...

We are happy to have shared so many happy moments with you and wish you all a happy 2007!
Vicky, Fer, Jaz and Manu.

Claudia Brachetti said...

Dear Hylliards

I`ve simply loved this glog. You really deserve this fruitful 2006, peppered with the most varied experiences.
You`re definitely a most colourful bunch.
I wish you the best and hope to share with you once again during the coming year!!
Kind regards to BBBJ!!
Claudia Brachetti

dani said...

Hola Susan: Te escribo en castellano porque la lengua materna es la que mejor permite transmitir sentimientos profundos. Disfruté muchísimo de tu blog (acabo de descubrir que esta última oración hubiera sonado mejor en inglés, no hay un verbo mejor que "enjoy" en castellano). Esto intenta ser más que un saludo de fin de año. Este año ha sido hermoso, gratificante y modificador de conductas en muchos aspectos. Y vos nos sos ajena a ese resultado. "Let's live Liverpool" ha dejado un dulce y estimulante aroma en nuestros corazones (nada comparable a los efluvios scouser que lograste mostrarnos). Busco en mi futuro la manera de reiterar las emociones y aprendizajes de Septiembre. Tu energía, entusiasmo, alegría, claridad y coraje nos ha marcado y después de Septiembre, nuevos aires contagian mi vida. Te deseo lo mejor para el 2007 en compañía de tus hillyards. Ya los queremos como si fueran parte de nuestras familias. Espero que la lectura de mi español te interese un poco más que la de Platero (je je) y, sin duda, espero verte en febrero. Te quiero mucho. Daniela, de Pico Truncado.

Anonymous said...

Wishing you a great Christmas and a happy New Year. Hoping to be one of your student at Nile again !!

James said...

Great GLOG Mum!!!! Can you believe all these new thiungs you're learning? I don't even have a Blog!
Congrats...graet "preuvian" lunch by the way.

lidia payaslian said...

Dear Susan,
It was really nice meeting you through the course on Global Issues.
You are an inspiring person and a motivating teacher.My husband Juan loved the show at John John last night and we are planning to take our childern soon.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Lidia and Juan

Fer said...

Thanks so much, Susan!
I wish you and your family a very Merry Xmas and a happier New Year.
Lots of love,
Fer Bigotti & co

Cynthia said...

Dear Susan,
Thanks!! Merry Xmas and Happy New Year for you and your family! I'm very happy to know you're doing well, I hope this new year brings everything you expect and much more,

Susan Hillyard said...

Just checking

Silvina said...

Dear Susan,
It was really nice having you here in our city,motivating and inspiring us to be the best teachers we can be.
As I've already told you-'You've left a scented breeze in our hearts'.Thank you! I have a little of you with me to start each day!!
I wish you and all you family a happy and successful 2007!
Hope to see you soon
Silvina, form Pico Truncado

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Global Issues
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