Friday, 22 December 2006

Bluesberry Jam in Buenos Aires

Today is Mick's birthday, but in true Argentine fashion, we celebrated last night by going to the Bangalore Pub in Palermo, a trendy area of boutiques, resto bars, traditional AR food like grills ( fab steak and chicken in all its forms, with lots of exotic innards and sweetmeats....nothing is wasted here!) and copycat English pubs , Irish pubs and American bars plus a sprinkling of Sushi restaurants and Asian eateries.

Mick chose the Bangalore as it has a pub atmosphere, real beer, Stones, and goodish ( if a short menu) Indian food which is hard to find in AR

We had a great time and came home to wish Mick happy birthday and give him his presents which revolved around accoutrements for our home bar and music books.

Today he slept late and then we went for lunch in a lovely old rustic restaurant called La Escondida ( The Hidden One) and we're now getting ready to go downtown to John John, an Irish bar where they will perform from midnight to about 3am when we might( or not) come home and go to bed like all good people!
The pic is the latest ad designed by Sarah that we send out by mail when they play.

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Paul Wright said...

Hi Mick & Sue,

This is Paul here .. as of Paul & Wendy, Marbella ... quarter of a century ago!!

Brian Carling was visiting us today from Spain (Wendy & I live in Stratford-upon-Avon having left Spain about 18 years ago) and we got talking about old times after watching a video we made many many years ago ... with you both in it! Then I managed to track you down through twitter and have sent a message which I hope you may see Sue and then I found this blog so I am trying to make contact.

We would love to hear from you and find out how your lives have been since last we met. How are Jamie and Sarah? Both grown up and left the nest no doubt. We have such fond memories of the time we knew each other and were friends at Aloha College. So much to tell you too.

Please email us so we can catch up a little. I must link you to the old video we made so you can see yourselves all those years ago! It is so funny to watch it now. We have been watching Mick playing blues - he's really good. What happened to the 'tash Mick?! We heard Mick say on the video that he now speaks FOUR words of Spanish! .. so pleased to hear he has learnt the extra word since we last saw him!!

Wendy and Brian & Santi all join me in sending love and best wishes!

Paul (Wright) xx


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