Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Sheena and Steve left us house and cat sitting while they went up north, as do many Aussies for Xmas.
Tom took us to Watson´s Bay but no ferry. Walked along the wonderful cliffs at the GAP. Took bus to Circular Quay. Stopped at City Extra resto for Christmas Dinner………fish and chips!!!! Spotted OPERA HOUSE! Sydney Harbour Bridge Lookout Point and photees!Wonderful! Pub Crawl around The Rocks……Bus/boat & ferry tickets for the week. Ferry to Manly Beach. Spent Xmas Day on the beach with all the other Aussies! Bus back……got lost…..nobody to ask. Found Coles supermarket and we were saved from spending the night on the streets!

Friday, 2 January 2009

24th December 2008: The party at 14 Mitchell Rd, Rose Bay

23rd December 2008: Sheena Frenkel met me at Sydney Airport, Australia

After Marg and David Dunckley had invited us to Surabaya for the new year we decided to combine a trip to Singapore........then we discovered how relatively cheap it is if you keep going in the same direction! So.......we start off in Australia visiting Sheena and Steve Frenkel, friends from 30 years ago in Coventry. We met at Coundon Court Comprehensive School in 1972 as Sheena and I were both teaching in Secondary.

It was wonderful to meet the whole family after 30 years: Lucy, Tom and Steve.

Mick arrived directly from Argentina and we had a wonderful Christmas Eve Turkey Dinner with lots of their friends

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

December 20th 2008: Hong Kong

This is on the PEAK. We went up on the Tram ( funicular) which is an event in itself and stopped off for a drink on the terrace. I call it my wine wasting day as the waiter managed to drop the tray down my back with the open bottle of wine on it soaking me to the skin through my cardie and my top. The PEAK loos must be the only ones in the whole of HK NOT to have those horrible hand driers so I could not dry myself off. However they took my clothes to a tumble drier somewhere and I ended up all dry and snug despite the raging winds up there.
Look at that view!

December 13th- 22nd 2008: Hong Kong

I had bid for a writing job with the British Council in Hong Kong for one course in their summer School 2009. As it turned out they gave me three courses to write and offered me a scoping visit to Hong Kong to observe classes, get to know the history, meet the TDU ( Teacher Development Unit) and familiarise myself with the latest developments in the EDB ( the Education Development bureau) which is including electives in the state secondary schools like English through Drama/Song/poetry/Short story/Social issues........... Just up my street.

Had a busy week packed with meetings, met Barbara Webb, the other consultant and had 2 days extra to look around and enjoy Hong Kong on my first visit ever.

December 10th-12th 2008: Paysandu

December 6th 2008: Opening of Caucasia!


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