Sunday, 28 December 2008

NILE, Norwich, UK July to September 2007

Once again I went off to train hundreds of European teachers at NILE in Norwich, either at the University of East Anglia or at Hales Court in town. Had exceptional groups from La Communidad de Madrid, doing primary methodology for CLIL, another huge group of French Secondary for the Speaking Skills, the wonderful APPI Brit Lit group and the APPI Dream Team for a Train the Potential Trainers course which proved perhaps my best course to date.

Enjoyed staying at the trainers`s house in Constable Terrace with the usual crew from all over the world and running round the lake every day before class. See pic of David Hill doing his Romeo to Claudia Ferradas´Juliet.

Claudia Rey arrived for July so it was great fun to have a best friend with me and to see how she coped with the vagaries of adapting to training at NILE!

The admin staff were wonderful as always and the social programme was great fun.

Mick came over from Argentina for a fortnight and we stayed at the Black Horse Pub in Norwich and toured around a bit.

I visited Mum in Leicester every weekend and tried to make her as comfortable as possible with all the help from the social services one gets in the UK. She was thrilled to have us there and especially loved having her only son (see pic) to herself while I was training at NILE.

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