Friday, 9 February 2007

Getting to England

Well, we finally got here. At least the three of us. Sarah will follow on later directly from Sao Paolo as she is on holiday there ( In Paraty) with Guillermo.
We left Buenos Aires on Tues 6th after days of frustration, trying to get flights and trying to finish work, in Temps around 94+ and arrived at London HR,7th Feb in temps of -5 with a promise of snow on the following day.

We arrived in Leics to find the house well prepared with a new sofa in place of Dad's huge hospital bed, the fires on full and the place all cosy with vases of flowers everywhere and cards of sympathy from all over th world. Dad was certainly a loved man.

Mum was upset on seeing us, but soon became the Captain Marjorie we know and love so well, putting on a brave front and making it clear that " John would not have wanted us to be sad. Just let's celebrate a life lived to the full. I'm not going to let everything go". And she certainly is living up to her promise so far.

We are reminiscing, remembering all the good times, working out the funeral service and the music to be played and seeing the solicitors this afternoon.

It's snowing again but that's a story for tomorrow.

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