Saturday, 27 January 2007

The Free-lance Fast Track moves into 2007

Deaspite my idea to rest at some time at end 2006 or early 2007 I was urged by my pollito, Sergio Mobilia, to apply to be a tutor on the Brazil, Regional Summer School 2007, directed by Rod Bolitho.
Initially, I refused as I "always" go to run with my brother in Sausalito/Mendocino.
However I was persuaded to put off my trip to the States and was appointed Tutor at the HSS 2007.
It was a fabulous experience.
To see all the details go to the link on the right.

I'm back now and trying to get my head around all the work, the contacts, the relationships, the projects, the action plans but most of all the regional friendships we made through our passion for teaching. Everybody left with a determination to maintain links and I believe that it will truly happen.

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