Friday, 29 December 2006

Christmas Day In Argentina.

Chritmas day was HOT but not as hot as it has been on some occasions in the past and it did not rain! That meant we had the trad Brit Turkey and Trimmings up on the roof terrace where we did have a lot of sun but also a little respite from a sweet little breeze. The turkey weighed in at 9.5 kilos so it fed the party of twelve and the Argentines in the group were quite adventurous trying the two types of stuffing, the bacon rolls, the bread sauce and the GRAVY.......Desserts were definitely non-trad with fresh home-made mango sorbet, plums in red wine from Mendoza and caramalised apple pie. Plenty of cream and ice cream to counter the rich, hot food! Jamie provided real ale and everybody brought wine and champagne. It was quite laid back but we enjoyed having the young crowd back at home. Reminded me of Liverpool in my youth ( except for the weather). Two guests were rather special, the daughter and friend of an old school mate of mine from Quarry Bank who are studying at the University of Buenos Aires. Lynne had found me on Friends Reunited and told me about her daughter being here in Argentina. The wonder of technology!

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Pete The Trucker said...

Bugger! I wrote you a huge long commentario, went to post it and it said I have to have a google thingie to do so, so sod that for a game of soldiers. Got one now.
But nevertheless it was good to read your news, and have a Happy New Year. We´d love to come and visit BA again, but sadly we´re boracic at the moment, at least until we sell a load of the carpets we brought back from Morocco in August.
Hope to see you in 2007
Lotsa ......


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