Sunday, 19 November 2006

Sunday 19th November Getting started "On Racism"

I was intrigued to read today in the Buenos Aires Herald the article ( admittedly translated badly into English) that won the Ministry of Education /BAH competition " Journalists for a Day" where 1,500 schools took part. The article analysed the current state of Racism in Argentina today and attributed it to the thousands of poor immigrants who entered Argentina way back in the early 20th century looking for a better future for themselves and their families. Those same immigrants referred to in-country immigrants ( those poor natives who migrated from the provinces to the big cities) as "darkies" and treated them with contempt, maintaining the status quo of keeping the "niggers down".

We will read the article next class but before then I want you to post
1) your own ideas about racism, discrimination and the role of the ruling classes in Argentina today
2) the titles of any films you have seen or songs you have heard which deal with this topic
3) any news items you have read or seen this week which show racism in other parts of the world.

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